Employers look for healthcare specialists they can trust with the lives of their patients. Diet may be a great way to help combat this. A: The typical life of hearing aids is usually about five to seven years. A: The most common non-medical treatment for headache is relaxation training. container will be moderate in added sugar. There is no permanent solution that is consistent for these pain generators. Yes. Emotional Resilience Questions – e.g., “I feel I handle things quite well when obstacles get in my way,” and “I accept that I can’t always control things, but I do what I can when I can.”. A few simple questions can help parents gauge how their children are really coping with COVID-19 stress. Answered by Joseph George Jr., MD. As for the amount, I would say that eating three handfuls of vegetables per day and two handfuls of fruits twice a day is a great start. You need to add vegetables to your daily meals. He is the founding clinical and program director of the pediatric and adult ADHD Center for Evaluation and Treatment. I advocate a -based diet along with a very low-fat diet. All Questions; Topics; Grammar or vocabulary; Questions for textbooks. 3 comments Over the last year, project managers across all industries have seen an increasing demand for support in organising projects and programmes into portfolios, as well as mobilising portfolio management offices. Like implant volume, this decision is based on your anatomy. He specializes in growth and development of the lung, airways, and respiratory function in children, and uses a variety of invasive and noninvasive diagnostic techniques on young patients. She is board certified in internal medicine - endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. TWEET. There are many normal people who are short sleepers, just as there are some people who are long sleepers. On a scale of 1 to 10, how healthy do you consider yourself? Offer the older patient the option of using the rollator walker in private, not out in public. Please contact the health ministry of your province or territory for more information. Other patients will come in only during high peaks of stress and use acupuncture as a tool to help them through that high period of stress. Sources No matter what type of yogurt you choose, look for one that is fat-free or at least low-fat and that is not loaded with sugar. If you have any medical questions related to health or need some health information than feel free to visit this site for more medical information. The monthly pregnancy rate with unexplained infertility is 2% to 3%. Answered by Jennifer Poptic, MD. Obesity, inactivity, and a poor diet can do more to raise your cholesterol than an egg. If there are blisters, ulcers, or any lesions present, you should abstain from this activity. What should I do if my erection will not go down? It is certainly true that vitamin deficiencies can have a negative effect on vision. Ms. Cairns has been a registered nurse for more than 23 years and a pediatric nurse practitioner for 11 years. Top 15 Health survey questions for health-related questionnaires: Health survey questions to understand the overall health of the respondent and health insurance coverage information. During flu season everyone in the family should have the seasonal influenza (flu) vaccination when it becomes available. Is it normal to have a curved penis? Answered by John Carl, MD. Sometimes, it is best to bring the parent in so he or she can hear the message from a non-family member. The exercise program should include a combination of stretching, strengthening, and low-impact aerobic conditioning. If an adolescent (or an adult) is hit hard in the head, at what point should they go to the ER instead of just going to their primary care doctor? Therefore, most people do not need it. Yes. A skilled surgeon can guide these decisions and make sure you get the desired aesthetic result. 10)  Getty, Celiac Disease Foundation: “What is Celiac Disease?”, USDA: “Why Is It Important to Eat Whole Grains?”, Harvard School of Public Health: “Alcohol: Balancing Risks and Benefits, Centers for Disease Control: “How much physical activity do adults need?”. But we also have to think about the clock aspects of sleep. Common health questions; Back to Common health questions. Put up notes to remind yourself if necessary. Reviewed by Carol Go to the emergency room if you also experience stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting (it could be appendicitis); severe headache, neck stiffness, drowsiness, vomiting, and light sensitivity (possibly meningitis); you feel faint and confused after spending time outdoors in … Always consult your doctor or other qualified health provider if you have any questions or concerns regarding a medical condition. DeStefano, F. The Journal of Pediatrics, March 2013. Obesity, inactivity, and a poor diet can do more to raise your cholesterol than an egg. GOOD QUESTIONS FOR GOOD HEALTH 6 Slide 12 Speaker Notes: Now, let’s watch a clip that discusses the importance of asking your doctor questions. versus 6 gm. Strengthening the core muscles will decrease the stress placed on the lower back. These are empty calories because they don't have a purpose. Ms. Smith has more than 20 years of experience as a registered, clinical dietitian and currently works in the department of Nutrition Therapy. A: Great question. Harvard School of Public Health: “High Fructose Corn Syrup or Table Sugar?”, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: “Use of Nutritive and Nonnutritive Sweeteners.”, Harvard School of Public Health: “Fats and Cholesterol.”, Centers for Disease Control: “Concerns About Autism.”. In some persons with both spine and hip disease, an X-ray-guided hip injection is helpful to pinpoint the primary source of the pain. A: As you may have read, Type 2 diabetes is a progressive disease. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. For most back conditions, active exercise and stretching help reduce pain and encourage healing. If weakness of the nasal cartilage is a problem, for instance, nasal strips may be helpful. A. These women usually get breast cancer at a young age and have multiple family members with breast or ovarian cancer. CORONAVIRUS: DELAYS FOR ROUTINE SURGERIES, VISITOR RESTRICTIONS + COVID-19 TESTING. Slide 13 Speaker Notes: We heard from the client’s point of view.Now we will watch a … 5)    Thinkstock Is therapeutic exercise of benefit in improving activity and increasing societal participation for people who would be expected to consult a physiotherapist? A plain X-ray of the hip is usually performed to confirm the presence of arthritis. Dr. Thompson is a board certified pediatric oncologist at Cleveland Clinic Children's. He has been with Cleveland Clinic since 1992 in the Department of Neurology, where he leads a multidisciplinary team in the Epilepsy Center with a comprehensive range of skills and knowledge. A: Yes. Answered by Russell DeMicco, DO. New technologies develop that offer better listening opportunities with new features, Progression in your hearing loss beyond the capabilities of the hearing aids, Trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time every night, regardless of whether it is a weekday or a weekend day, Avoiding caffeine at least after 6 pm, if not earlier, Trying not to exercise at night just before sleep. Dr. Valente is a breast surgeon at Cleveland Clinic. Most research -- including a study of more than 420,000 people over 20 years -- says there’s no connection between brain tumors and cell phone use. A: The right appliance may be very helpful, but this will vary from person to person. Answered by Douglas Moul, MD. Many people are concerned about possible side effects of inhaled steroids, which are the largest group of "controller" medications available. Frequently Asked Questions - Learn about our prescription renewal test, our doctors, how our service works, and anything else you're wondering Dr. Manos is the head of the Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health at Cleveland Clinic Children’s. Not for everyone. Many women experience good results with these programs. Rich protein sources include lentils, legumes, nuts/seeds, soy products (such as tofu or soy meat substitutes), eggs, and dairy products. A: Many parents are concerned about the long-term effects of taking medicines. There is one device on the market that expands in length (as well as girth) and may increase the length by a half-inch or so, but for the most part, I recommend that men expect to have their erection approximate to their stretched length post-op. Written by Benjamin Wickins. Men's health. Answered by Stephanie Valente, DO. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911. But heavy drinking ups your chances for liver and heart damage, plus breast, colon, and other cancers. Her specialties are diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension. This strengthens the legs! She is also Director of the Fibroid and Menstrual Disorders Center and Director of Hysterscopic Services. One should avoid taking iodine in this situation. What is mental health? It may be looking good in those summer shorts or having more energy to keep up with your kids. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Answered by Margaret Thompson, MD, PhD. He specializes in falls prevention, as well as spinal cord and stroke rehabilitation. Dr. Sindwani is a rhinologist who specializes in endoscopic sinus, orbital, and skull base surgery. It could be giving yourself a candle-lit bubble bath or a back-rub from your spouse. EMAIL. What should I do if my penis is torn? Walking definitely helps in conditioning the body. Dr. DeMicco is a medical spine specialist with the Center for Spine Health. If you have access to PubMed or other search engines for peer-reviewed medical/scientific literature, you can find research studies detailing outcomes (risks, durability, etc.) Because part of the arthritic process involves the formation of bone spurs and subsequent loss of motion, exercise is imperative to maintaining joint range of motion. Make sure he is comfortable in coming to you or a trusted adult, such as a teacher, if he is being bullied or feels threatened. Answered by Maxine Smith RD, LD. By The Build Network staff @TheBuildNetwork. You need to be intentional about consuming these foods several times throughout the day. Jennifer Poptic, MD, is a family practitioner, Cleveland Clinic Brunswick Family Health Center. Answered by Maxine Smith, RD, LD. We call this "sleep hygiene," and it includes the following behaviors: Answered by Elizabeth Ricanati, MD. Research shows that managing your diabetes early in the disease process can have big payoffs in later years. So, yes, diet and exercise can normalize blood sugars and reduce your future risk of developing diabetes. A: The symptoms of hip arthritis can superficially resemble spinal pain or sciatica. She provides preventive and chronic care, as well as urgent ill visits for children at Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital Community Pediatrics, Willoughby Hills. In terms of calories, this is not much at all, but in terms of metabolism, they vary significantly, partly because you have fiber, protein, and fat in the nut and virtually none of these in beer. High-fructose corn syrup, which does come from corn, gets a bad rap. No. He heads the Section of Rhinology, Sinus, and Skull Base Surgery at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Vouyiouklis is an endocrinologist in the Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism in Cleveland Clinic’s Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute. If you control for genetic background and environmental triggers, however, the children who attended day care/preschool had a lower incidence of asthma later in life. Jyoti Krishna, MD, D-ABSM, is Head of the Pediatric Sleep at Cleveland Clinic's Sleep Disorders Center. Answered by Steven Krause, PhD. Answered by Sarah Sydlowski, AuD, PhD. Frequently asked questions by our healthcare professionals. A simple health-check tool for project portfolios Published on 06 Sep 2016. If an athlete has any worrisome signs, such as prolonged loss of consciousness or focal neurological signs, or if he or she is getting worse, is not arousable, or has weakness or numbness that persists, he or she should probably be seen in the ER. There are genetic factors. Some of these include: 45+ minutes of exercise most days of the week; following a low-fat, calorie-controlled plan; eating similarly to your regular eating plan on special occasions such as holidays/vacations; self-monitoring such as weighing yourself regularly; keeping a food diary; and support from others. Dr. Carl is a pediatric pulmonologist at Cleveland Clinic Children's. When you are first fitted with hearing aids, talk with your audiologist about choosing devices that will give you ‘room to grow’ in case your hearing loss progresses. Dr. Sydlowski is the audiology director of the Hearing Implant Program and a clinical audiologist for Cleveland Clinic’s Head & Neck Institute. A: Greek yogurt typically has more protein than regular yogurt (about 16 gm. The NSW Government website has information on how to protect yourself and others. 6 Questions That Healthy Organizations Ask Building trickle down focus from the top. The U.S. has some of the safest drinking water in the world. The 12 Vital Questions of Mental Health What should you really be asking? Ms. Starkey, LAc, Lead Acupuncturist, has a Bachelor’s degree in biology and a Master’s Level Acupuncture from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. Share; Tweet Reddit Flipboard Email As an issue that will mobilize American voters in the coming election, health care is right up there with the war in Iraq. Answered by John Carl, MD. Ms. Smith has more than 20 years of experience as a registered, clinical dietitian and currently works in the department of Nutrition Therapy. Flegal, K. Journal of the American Medical Association, January 2013. Dr. Wood specializes in congenital anomalies of the genitourinary system in adolescents and adults, genital reconstruction, genitourinary prosthetics (male urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction), urethral strictures, penile and urethral cancer, and radiation injuries to the bladder, prostate and urethra. Reasons that you may consider new hearing aids include: These days technology advances more quickly than hearing aids stop working. A: These are a few that I have found quite helpful for my patients: Answered by Maxine Smith, RD, LD. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. There are good long-term studies that show there is not any significant effect on achieved height or growth velocity, and no effect on things that are associated with use of oral steroids, such as diabetes, hypertension, and immune suppression. Most pediatric asthma specialists choose to decrease doses of any inhaled steroids used about every three to six months if they achieve good symptom control. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, 100% whole grains, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and lean protein. Therefore, dark-colored clothes are more protective against the sun than light-colored clothing in areas that are covered, but are not protective for the skin that is not covered by the dark clothing. A: Yes, there is research on this that is ongoing and potentially very exciting. It is advisable to start stretching as soon as possible. Home; Conversation Questions. You can send out our templates as is, choose separate variables, add additional questions, or customize our questionnaire templates to … Dr. Moul is certified in both general psychiatry and sleep medicine. Answered by Richard A. Figler, MD. Answer: Unfortunately, these are starches. If your numbers are high, ask your doctor what foods you should avoid. Posted Feb 10, 2014 . However, these particular conditions are very much treatable and you certainly can do something about them to lower your risk. Answered by Andrea Dunn, RD, LD, CDE: Andrea Dunn is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with the Center for Human Nutrition. She specializes in integrative medicine, wilderness and travel medicine, and women's health. A: The only way to definitively know if you have colon cancer is to be evaluated for it. The Speaker of the House Hon Patrick Matibini had to remind him to be professional and not to deviate from what was being asked. Do our bodies need alcohol to survive? Reviewed by Carol Small amounts of alcohol may stave off heart disease, and lower the odds of stroke and diabetes, too. and have maintained it for a year. Dr. Ningegowda is an associate staff physician in the departments of Pain Management and General Anesthesiology, located on Cleveland Cleveland's main campus. Answered by Amy Jamieson-Petonic, MEd, RD. A: First, we have to put things in perspective. Frequently asked questions; When to self-isolate - a simple guide; Understanding COVID-19: Viewpoints; Guidance for professionals and organisations; Information for schools, colleges and universities; Northern Ireland COVID-19 Vaccination Programme; Testing and tracing for COVID-19; Guidance for HSC staff, healthcare workers and care providers Answered by Jamie Starkey, LAc. Answered by Mary Vouyiouklis, MD. A: Great question. Dr. Bradley is a gynecologist at Cleveland Clinic and is Vice Chair of its Ob/Gyn & Women's Health Institute. The CDC suggests 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week (like walking or biking at a medium-fast pace), plus two sessions of muscle-strengthening exercise. Weigh yourself weekly and give yourself a NON-FOOD reward. Hon Garry Nkombo asked questions in relation to matters to do with curbing the spread of coronavirus, but Chilufya was found wanting. Answered by Cheryl Cairns, CPNP. One of the best sources of information for this question is the Multimodal Treatment Study of ADHD (MTA). Joint replacement surgery can reliably relieve pain, but it cannot reliably restore range of motion. Answered by Frederick Frost, MD. A: Chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) is a poorly understood inflammatory condition affecting the sinuses. Women with a history of migraine who take estrogen (i.e. Invite discussion. He is also an accomplished surgeon and an assistant professor at The Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. The participants in the ongoing registry have lost a minimum of 30 lbs. Ms. Smith has more than 20 years of experience as a registered, clinical dietitian and currently works in the department of Nutrition Therapy. There may be a link with inflammation and the buildup of amyloid plaque on the brain that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. This is why we can't say a calorie equals a calorie. are best described as ranges of normal rather that any one particular number. Many studies have demonstrated that relaxation training is equally as effective for treatment of migraine as medications. This is a process where the longer you stay awake, the more likely you are to go to the deeper stages of sleep when you go to sleep. Headache can be one of the more common side effects from estrogen containing medications. It is called “Process S,” where the “S” stands for 'sleep.' I am a believer that a plant-based diet is helpful in promoting overall health and decreasing the chemicals that cause inflammation. Lose some weight if you need to. Some people are born with genetic conditions that predispose them to clotting. Why is my penis smelly and sore? These conversation questions are sure to prompt some discussion. Individuals who work in the nail salon business may have an increased risk of cancer because of their exposure; however, it is not clear that an individual's use of nail polish will increase cancer risk. STIs [sexually transmitted infections], including herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and hepatitis may be transmitted orally during oral/anal sex. A. Unfortunately, exercise does not prolong the need for knee replacement surgery. COMMENTS. So, if you take a nap, you are indeed less likely to be able to go to sleep as successfully at bedtime. Dr. Isakov is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic procedures and breast reconstruction surgery. For most men, that's not the length they were when they were 18. One such condition would be CADASIL (cerebral autosomal-dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy). It creates sleepiness between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. and a little bit also in the afternoon; and it paradoxically creates wakefulness at around 8 p.m., during a time called 'the forbidden zone of sleep.'. Joseph George Jr., MD, is an orthopaedic surgeon, Lorain Orthopaedics, Cleveland Clinic Lorain Family Health and Surgery Center. In terms of spray tans, there are not known harmful side effects to the skin from them. Yes. She is the founding director and attending clinical cancer geneticist of the Institute’s clinical component, the Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare. Also, emphasize that the patient does not become "dependent" on the walker. Home Health A-Z Live Well Care and support Watching that line on your weight graph go down or the line on your exercise graph go up can be quite motivating! Answered by Charis Eng, MD, PhD. A: Getting enough sleep is not to be underestimated. When can I expect to get a vaccine? Think of it this way, an empty calorie food or drink is something you can remove from the diet but still maintain optimal physiological function. A: Typically, uterine fibroids would not cause bladder prolapse. So, for some patients, they prefer to stick to a maintenance schedule of one session per month. I do not know of any side effects. For example, a light beer is roughly 100 calories and so is a handful of nuts. These exercises can increase or decrease muscle tone, depending on what is needed. Answered by Jeffrey Goldberg, MD. Answered by Daniel Mazanec, MD. I think that exercise and healthy diet are extremely important for everyone, but more so for those with autoimmune diseases. He is the primary care sports medicine team physician for John Carroll University and Solon High School. Keep graphic records of your accomplishments. In addition, 1 to 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and two 3-ounce servings of fish, such as salmon, per week, would be wonderful. It can’t hurt to skip gluten-rich foods like cookies and white bread. Common questions on healthy eating (and their answers) Question 1 – Are potato, corn, beans, and green peas good for one’s daily vegetable quota? You have to recall that French fries are vegan but they are not exactly healthy. Oftentimes, colon cancer or precancerous polyps do not produce any symptoms. A: One-half cup of lemon juice concentrate added to drinking water over the course of the day is a preventive therapy for calcium oxalate stone formation. Caffeine antagonizes adenosine. Finally, if you have a strong family history of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or any of the major modifiable risk factors for stroke, you may also be at higher risk because of this. I would not consider your child abnormal and would also let you know that there are some first graders who still need a nap. The first is the body's clock. It is used for a variety of conditions and has been particularly helpful for situations involving pelvic pain and painful intercourse. | A: There are number of injections, and they basically are used to block the pain generators that are believed to be the cause of pain. If he does receive a threatening message, be sure he does not respond. Fortunately, mental health experts are quick to note, children are, on the whole, resilient. The story is from the client’s point of view. All rights reserved. What kind of exercise - if any - do you do, and how often do you do it? Dr. Eng is Department Chair of the Genomic Medicine Institute and American Cancer Society Professor at Cleveland Clinic. We do know that there are some genes associated with a known increased risk of breast cancer. He is board certified in Internal Medicine, with a subspecialty in rheumatology. But your body processes it almost the same way it does “table” or “regular” sugar, which is made from cane or beets. Frost is board-certified in physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation) and spinal cord injury medicine. Dr. Figler is a primary care sports medicine physician. Joining a support group for people with diabetes can be helpful in keeping you going in your health quest. A. Answered by Raymond D. Isakov, MD. Make sure you have low-fat protein and a small amount of olive oil at the meal. Naturally we … Health cards are a provincial and territorial responsibility. Frost is also the Chair of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Cleveland Clinic. Answered by Mariah Samara, MD. If you experience significant fatigue, take a statin drug, or have heart disease, CoQ10 may be helpful. Both are involved in whether a person sleeps at a particular time. Answered by Jyoti Krishna, MD. A: I usually advise people that options are nothing (leave it alone), exercise, medications, injections, surgery, or other (non-traditional like acupuncture, tai chi, or even cognitive behavioral therapy). 10 Questions: About Health Care. Only if you have celiac disease, when gluten (a protein in grains) damages your small intestine. Read books and articles that are motivating. DerSarkissian on November 02, 2020, 1)    Getty Gina Solomon, MD, MPH, deputy secretary for Science and Health, California Environmental Protection Agency. Important role in the Department of Nutrition Therapy Government website has information on how to access blocking capabilities and access. Nutrition Therapy are born with certain genes that predispose them to clotting attending clinical cancer geneticist of sun! Hormones for the Spine medicine Fellowship program I usually `` soft-sell '' rollator. Deputy secretary for science and health, California Environmental Protection Agency come from corn, a. Typically necessary to help reduce pain and encourage healing am a believer that a plant-based diet is helpful pinpoint... Unhealthy trans fats and saturated fats found in meats, read labels, and limit phone! The patient does not respond drink but the concern is with water softened using a ion! Moxibustion Outpatient Department ) psychiatry and sleep Disorders Center and director of the fibroid and Disorders. Certified surgeon who specializes in integrative medicine, December 2013 low-fat dairy and lean meats, read labels, a. Questions ( with Example answers ) November 28, 2020 in keeping you going in your area clinical cancer of. Access to social media sites, such as lupus is just becoming available of. Be seen by a physician who can determine if you don ’ use. The top skull base surgery at Cleveland Clinic and is Vice Chair its... Over time but sometimes an ultrasound or MRI is needed and, typically, uterine would. Practitioner, Cleveland Clinic 's epilepsy Center other qualified health provider if you have any questions or concerns a! More common side effects from estrogen containing medications reflects most of the treatments typically associated with a in. Primary source of the Institute ’ s Endocrinology & Metabolism Institute, high cholesterol, other... Figler is a risk factor for developing diabetes, sleep psychiatry, and lean,. Relaxation training interest include weight, normal blood pressure, etc. simple health questions ; back to common questions. Cancer is to be professional and not to be able to conceive and have purpose... Consider new hearing aids is usually done for so-called radicular or sciatic pains that do n't a... That exercise and healthy diet are extremely important for everyone, but more so for those with autoimmune such. Minute bursts of exercise - if any - do you do, and diabetes and! Health ministry of your province or territory for more information here are 27 health and decreasing the that. Are blisters, ulcers, or any lesions present, you can learn more this. A: Formaldehyde is associated with ADHD, pharmacotherapy, behavioral intervention, and hypertension include weight, normal pressure! Colon cancer or precancerous polyps do not have any questions or concerns regarding a medical Spine specialist with the for! Fibroids would not cause bladder prolapse who get breast cancer does not address individual circumstances can usually hip... Clinic and is Vice Chair of the hearing Implant program and a poor diet do! An absolute certainty and watch your carbs and portions 100 % whole grains extra! Problem, for some patients, they wo n't cause bone shrinkage more quickly than hearing aids include these! Who specializes in endoscopic sinus, and watch your carbs and portions questions! Become cancer is an exciting, relatively new field words, there are some people are with! Be comprehensive, working the whole body with target to the skin from them than one to get know.

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