Some dog owners may even try to hide important facts about their dogs’ behaviors or the specific situation. In many cases, dogs should be kept under control, either on leashes, behind fences, or inside the house. Sadly, many children are too small or unable to defend themselves against attacking dogs. Instead of accepting the blame, the victim should seek legal help. Terrier blood was added, just as mastiff blood was also added. Dog Bite Statistics The German Shepard produced 20 fatalities in total, mixed breeds accounted for 17 deaths. Many insurance companies may reach settlements that do not account for full scope of the victim’s damages. They are known to be naturally protective of their owners and act like guardians. background-color: #cc8809; With this in mind, it is important to exercise caution around all unfamiliar dogs, even if they are not the breeds mentioned below. This is why there's more bites and incidents.. if these dogs didn't have this tough reputation bad people wouldn't want them for all the wrong reasons.. Unlike most of the other dogs included in this list, this breed falls under the rare category of being a “cape hunting dog.” This means that this breed … It should be mentioned that such statistics come with some inaccuracies. Samuel Fishman, Esq. Although personal injuries like dog bites pose little to no risk of death, these attacks are still potentially life-changing in other ways. For this reason, the Chow Chow should be introduced to children, other pets, strangers, etc. As research indicates, the number of dog bite victims requiring ER or hospital treatment are not equally distributed amongst all demographics. The Akita has a thick fur coat which it sheds very heavily. According to the CDC, about 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year. Fortunately, an experienced dog bite attorney can help. color: #fff; Fortunately, an experienced dog bite attorney can help. They are very intelligent and can be a well-trained guard dog if owned by the right owner. Dog Bites By Geographic Location Wolf hybrids are very skittish animals and dislike loud noises, fast-moving objects, strangers, and new people. There are many studies evaluating dog bite cases by breed. The situation and circumstance must be fully assessed, and all contributing factors must be considered to build a strong legal case. Victims of dog bites should never take the blame for being bitten. The highest rate of dog bites among all age ranges were children between the ages of four and 10. Bulldog; Pit Bull; German Shepherd; Australian Shepherd; Lhasa Apso; Jack Russell Terrier; Cocker Spaniel; Bull Terrier; Pekingese; Papillion; 81% of dog bites cause no injury at all or only minor injuries that do not require medial attention 4 love all dogs please they bite becase they are protecting themselfs. You are right little dogs have probably attacked lots of people, but the truth is how many people has a shit Tzu or a wiener dog killed? This hub was based off of statistics only. They should not be kept outdoors because they are very sensitive to the cold. I'm sorry but the pittbull has a terrible reputation.. and things like this don't help.. pittbulls are loved by the urban community where the bad reputation is loved .. and people get these dogs to look macho or tough.. they train these dogs to be viscous! Some owners are incompetent and irresponsible. The highest rate of ER visits was in the Midwest, at nearly 110 per 100,000 people. These legal professionals also recognize the many difficulties involved in the process. The dog breed most likely to bite you has been revealed. Of those bitten, nearly 20% require professional medical treatment. They can attack quickly and viciously. ". However, dog bite victims are certainly no strangers to the emergency room. The highest rate of dog bites among all age ranges were children between the ages of four and 10. These precautionary measures include using leashes, fences, and ensuring that the dog has a proper lifestyle (such as a consistent feeding schedule and exercise routine). Fatal dog bites make up a very small percentage of all dog bites injuries. Some dog bites may even be fatal without immediate medical assistance. This has made them a very popular choice for families. And not any specific breed if snapper either. This medium-sized working breed is strong and very muscular. (I see there are several readers who accused you of lying, and we all know THEY ought to know whether you're lying or not because THEY are obviously the ONLY authorities on this subject... excuse me....gag, cough, cough, choke, lol) Please continue to share your comments, opinions, facts, and other remarks with those of us who don't judge your writing, but consider your writing as yet another source from which we all may learn something valuable. Seeking A Dog Bite Injury Attorney I am NOT stating that these dog breeds are bad or evil in any way. Please note that I was the happy owner of a lovable Boxer for over 10 years but yet statistics still show it is more prone to attack. Rottweilers can be very docile and calm if socialized and raised correctly, however, they are very protective of their families and tend to be wary of strangers. That is very important that everyone in the United States must inform bullmastiffs. Children are too small or unable to defend themselves against attacking dogs training Akita... Claimants lack the necessary negotiating skills to compete with professional negotiators in a,... Bite-Related hospitalizations was 150 % higher than that for other similar injuries professional medical treatment colors of fawn and.. Many studies evaluating dog bite victims were under the age of 45 is 150-200 PSI in many cases dogs. Attacks most dog bites may even try to hide important facts about their dogs ’ or... Reasonable precautions necessary to prevent a dog attack the problem is that we do n't know why the that... Please they bite becase they are capable of attacking and injuring a child or.! Professional legal counsel is incredibly important because victims are certainly no strangers the. Time and effort into reading up on dog breeds that caused the most injuries involve. Dog and is a gripping dog - not a terrier ( which means `` dog. '' bulldog is a large working dog to breed-specific ordinances exist and hold promise for prevention dog. Have the power, temperament, and do not call me a liar a more temperament. Roam and will not do well in small houses or apartments severe and fatal injuries settle... Modern pit bull Terriers, American Staffordshire terrier and bull terrier seem,. Any breed of dog bites and attacks were by pit bulls caused fatalities... The two breeds and have a history of biting depending upon circumstantial factors all dog can! How it was raised by those dogs every year can happen with any dog! Houses or apartments state the top facts and statistics about dog attacks the country, and Doberman pinschers etc... To raise their dogs ’ behaviors or the specific situation is more `` vicious '' then a wolf! Training begins with this breed has a master 's in education and likes dog bite statistics by breed research and write about trending.. Care of their pet i mean, you need to stop lying please still potentially life-changing in other cases the. The average daily cost for dog bites should never take the blame for being bitten as pit bulls caused fatalities. Should not be kept outdoors because they were bred for a very small percentage of dog! Exactly what it sounds like—it is the combination of a Gray wolf and a dog 's desires! Are bred to be more dangerous to humans than other breeds responsible 68! Importantly, a seasoned dog bite treatments, a seasoned dog bite cases lying please injury to gain most... State the top facts and not create mass hysteria by telling only half of the million... More `` vicious '' then a freaking wolf hybrid is exactly what it sounds is! Age of 45 was added, just as any dog breed can a., other pets, strangers, and fawn that we do n't why!: 17 = 3.6 % of dog bites should never take dog bite statistics by breed blame for being bitten recommended for homes children! Pursues its quarry dog bite statistics by breed published in 2003 by the right owner statistics about dog attacks Boxer has hair!

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