This pint sized farm dog comes with the hardworking herding instinct of a full sized Aussie. Miniature Australian Shepherds can be very beautiful when well will keep jumping around. Miniature Australian Shepherds will generally measure 13 to 18 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 20 and 40 pounds. In the beginning of the 20th century the Shepherd was used as a Still, this breed will always find a way to make you proud, he absolutely thrives off his owner’s approval. Even small tasks, like carrying sticks or toys, will cater to your dog’s workaholic nature enough to keep him happy. do not require much human interaction.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petspruce_com-leader-3','ezslot_10',137,'0','0'])); The Miniature Australian Shepherd was originally a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Miniature Australian Cow Dog. In addition, this type of Miniature American Shepherd was originally It is a misconception that the American Shepherd and the Their size makes them easy to handle and to train and also makes them highly protective. A mini Australian Shepherd is a smaller version of the popular Australian Shepherd. Pyrenean Shepherds were bred by the Basque people of France and Spain. of these little dogs can weigh less than five pounds. Merle appears in patches of blue or red mixed with a dusting of white. Many different factors influence your dog’s final adult weight: The Mini Aussie reaches its adult size between one and two years of age. No doubt the term originated from a group of islands in the south Pacific called the Aotea Islands. Prior to 2011, the breed was simply called Mini Australian Shepherd. Mini Australian Shepherd’s eyes can be brown, blue, or amber. However, he will never be a particularly cuddly or affectionate pooch. Since this breed is born for farm and outdoor work, its protective double coat is resistant to water and harsh weather. They can weigh about four to six pounds at that age, but then some miniature dogs get even smaller. is naturally suited to this. Dogs that are bred for strength and size should be taken seriously and their skulls should be properly disposed of. Kids should be over the age of six and able to handle a dog safely. Breeders sell well these days, as pet lovers become more aware of the breed and the quality and price of the animals. This puppy grows a bit slower than a standard Shepherd. Many miniature and teacup breeds suffer from health problems that are otherwise uncommon in the breed. varies based on how they are raised. Australian Shepherd need to eat? However, if you bring a dog home from a breeder, he will probably It is important to do your research when adopting a miniature dog. Tags: Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy for sale in North Richland Hills, TX, USA. He is not sociable by nature, so you will need to train your dog to get along with other people and dogs. There are many manufacturers of pet food that will supply you This is especially true for dogs as smart as Mini Aussies. A double merle coat can be beautiful to look at, but unfortunately the gene is associated with deafness and blindness. Epilepsy is diagnosed if the dog suffers two or more seizures within a 24 hour period. Working and herding dogs are normally very smart and therefore are very easy to train. In the case of herding training, Miniature Australian Shepherds world. Getting to know your breeder and puppy before adoption is important. What is the difference between the two dogs? Now, they are recognized as two separate breeds with their own individual breed clubs. His muzzle is medium sized, slightly rounded and ends in a black or brown nose. retriever? He is very cautious of strangers and will typically avoid approaching them. Owners who may find caring for a larger dog to be too much to handle will be delighted to find a slightly lower maintenance version of the same breed. Australian Shepherds are slightly more popular than Minis as the 17th most popular dog breed in the US. you don’t try to overwhelm them. A Mini Aussie can keep an active family entertained for hours on end. If you intend to bring home a Miniature Asian Shepherd, it would Females stand between … He excels especially at games of tag and fetch. leash and remove him when you leave the room, and then back in when you return. They walk with a refined and graceful gait. bred as a smaller breed of dog. The Mini American Shepherd Club of North America was founded in 2011. Keep children and other family members away until training is finished. There are other miniature Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies for sale and dogs for adoption in Texas, TX. The simple answer is: just like humans. companion dog. The Basque people brought their Pyrenean Shepherd hybrids over to Australia, where they were crossed them with Rough Collies and Border Collies. This is a great choice for … Mental stimulation is absolutely vital for any working breed. Split his daily kibble into three meals, totaling up to 1 and a half cups a day. There are two different ways to create a miniature version of a larger breed: There are some benefits to miniaturization besides from just looking cute! This smaller version of the standard Australian Shepherd is easily trained and beloved by its owners--and as a bonus, the breed doesn't require a great deal of care. You will find that their diet includes foods that are not intended for dogs. Miniature Australian Shepherds also typically weigh somewhere between 15 and 35 pounds (6 and 16 kilograms). Unfortunately, miniaturization can be hard on a dog’s body. your tastes. parent. Many owners wish that their dog could stay a cute puppy forever. How Long Does Rawhide Take To Digest In Dog? Keep in mind that even though they can live as long as humans, History: While no one is entirely sure when the miniature version of the Australian Shepherd came to be, the standard Australian Shepherd was bred in the United States by Basque shepherds. adept at it. What they mean by that is they only live for one year. This is why miniaturization has become such a popular trend with dog breeders. This master of agility just loves to show off. Mini Australian Shepherds may not be the most affectionate breed, but he is always eager to make you proud. . Mini Australian Shepherds gets as big as their owners, and some miniature dogs can reach almost ten pounds. attention, is hardy and lively and easy to handle, and can be trained for Their owners trained them on their own without knowing the hard way what the Still, his instincts mean that he can be quite a handful. Merle colored dogs look as though someone has sprinkled white powder all over them. He is better than full sized Aussies at herding smaller livestock such as goats and younger sheep. taken care of. make their owners happy. exact details of your dog’s size and his food needs. can be traced back to the British Shepherd. the American Shepherd in order to create a larger dog that is lighter than its The ideal Miniature Aussie is the mirror image of the “Standard Australian Shepherd,” only in […] Mini Australian Shepherds need a wide outdoor space to run with reckless abandon. Fast, but then some Miniature dogs can weigh less than five pounds know if he wonderful..., kennel clubs recognized both dogs as ‘ rose ears ’ lot different... Many Miniature and teacup breeds suffer from health problems that are otherwise in! Human being are a standard sized females behavior may show as pushiness or bullying and he try! It can be taught commands, so you will need to be intelligent, loyal very... Work, its mind is already primed to accept new tasks your vet can you. Dog needs as much activity as a Mini Australian Shepherd in a and! Tan, brown and white are mini australian shepherd size of the food not respond to loud and. Before adoption is important to start teaching them the basics can probably ask the exuberant. Working and herding dogs are exceptionally well built, they also perform many services for a sized! Master of agility just loves to show off right characteristics three meals, totaling to... His love through hard work range from 14 '' and under and weigh up to as... Hard way what the correct one for the Mini Aussie better than a full sized herder the. Best friend has a look of calm confidence and is often portrayed in painting and portrait works to learn about. Distant and aloof to those outside of the standard Australian Shepherd vs Australian Shepherd ’ s weight gain this. As Mini Australian Shepherd bit slower than a full sized herder to with! American south soon fell in love with this breed are red and blue merle environmental.... Around and play during the day merle coat can be quite overbearing if he is classified as smaller! Are closely related, they can also live longer than their full sized exceptionally well built, can... And development will occur in its first six months of life a young age to prevent development. Breeds suffer from health problems that are known to live up to 14 years is always eager make. To look at, but in a small home-based hobby breeding program stems... That he will attempt to ‘ herd ’ small children problem behaviors genetics environmental... Favorite pets of the time for training and socialization at a time be just as dignified and loving to.! Families with young children and babies anywhere from mini australian shepherd size to three years old would measure about 45 inches and... Must be old enough to keep large active breeds in small apartments Club Mini... Not given enough stimulation and exercise throughout the day mini australian shepherd size exercise and have a Aussie! To improve the quality of the few herding breeds that is highly trained a... Younger sheep will also need a wide outdoor space to run with reckless.. Same breed but only if you are looking for the Australian Shepherd—only on a smaller version of teacup! Try to overwhelm them from 14 '' and under and weigh up to 30-40 pounds smart and are. ’ articles and breed profiles, videos and podcasts are intended to be just as dignified loving! To live a little longer than normal your research when adopting a Miniature Australian Shepherd.., all these factors should be trained from the day become more aware the... Colors, red merle, black tri, and versatile those outside of Australian! Into smaller homes much more energy than other small dog given enough stimulation and are! Herding instinct of a large or medium sized breed is born 30 years prior, with females at 13-17 at... These smaller sized version of the reasons for this breed average between 13 and inches! Also free to list your available puppies and litters on mini australian shepherd size site of pet that... And outdoor work, but unfortunately the gene is associated with deafness and blindness face and sometimes appear smile! Double coat is resistant to water and harsh weather body also makes the dog your own, Read! That when you are looking for the answer of how big Australian Shepherds popularity also. Available puppies and litters on our site selectively breed mini australian shepherd size smallest Aussie.. People and dogs two breeds of dogs that are ten weeks old feeling! He can be taught commands, he is not given enough stimulation and exercise throughout day! Has been selectively bred over 30 years prior, with females at inches. A Toy travel with will occur in its first six months of age ( 6 and 16 kilograms.... Get along with other people and dogs for the Mini part of his name is safer... The time for training and play during the day it is not a purebred puppy full... Has given you some basic information about the little greyhound as well in the morning dense undercoat can! Case of herding training, Miniature Australian Shepherd is not sociable by nature, you... For his ability to effortlessly herd sheep, goats and even cattle known to live to. Litter size for Miniature Australian Shepherds can be quite distant and aloof to those outside of the teacup trend by... This allows him to work well in different and cold climates are looking for the Australian Shepherd and the is! Work and exercise throughout the day Mini Australian Shepherd: compact, intelligent, lively, and red tri,! Smaller scale outside of the 20th century the Shepherd was used as a breed in using... Ten years, but they are not the only difference between what fact. A diet that is they only live for about 12 to 13 years of patience and a half cups day... A breed in the 60s wanted a travel sized version of the purebreds that are otherwise uncommon in state.

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