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SPID Handbook Abstract

This tool has been used by partners in order to plan and work together during the preparatory phase of the project.

The deliverable Innovative inclusive practices focusing on ASD Handbook presents the results of the work in the 5 partners’ countries (Italy, Greece, Sweden, Bulgaria and Portugal) within the context of SPID-AP project which aims to support both inclusion in sport for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), contributing to enhance equal access to and equal opportunities in sport, and social inclusion through sport, enhancing the participation in society of young people with ASD.

Here an abstract of the deliverable.


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SPID Handbook

The SPID-AP set of Training Materials produced are available as OER in the Platform, as an element for project sustainability and for its further use within the Virtual training courses.

The Handbook constitutes an action designed that seeks to identify these good cases and innovative approaches applied or tested worldwide that will assist all relevant stakeholders to support effectively inclusion in sport for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), contributing to enhance social inclusion and autonomy of Youth with Autism.

Best practices were identified by desk research, interviews and round table meetings with key stakeholders reaching this way every possible source of information.

The cases provide a rich and useful source of ideas that can be applied in order to address the benefits that young people with ASD can obtain through their participation in sport activities in an effective way.

The cases include anything that contributes or aims at fostering of children with ASD in sports, improving the understanding and the importance of sports for all in practical ways.