Description of the Project

SPID-AP – Sport Inclusion Drivers for Autistic spectrum disorders People is a project co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union (Small Collaborative Partnership).

Project Reference: 603167-EPP-1-2018-1-IT-SPO-SSCP

The project promotes equal opportunities and education in and through sport. In particular, SPID-AP aims to support both inclusion in sport for youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), contributing to enhance social inclusion and autonomy of Youth with Autism.

The project will realize a transnational model of innovative inclusive practices based on sport activities and EU networking and capacity building in the field of Sport and Disability.

Sport can be a challenge for youth with autism, opening up social inclusion possibilities, improving social skills, establishing a routine, promoting weight loss and improving attention.

Innovative aspects of the Model:
  • Sport activities
  • EU Networking
  • Capacity Building in the field of sport and disability based on Globality of Languages
  • Involvement of relevant stakeholders (sport associations, ASD experts, NPOs for social inclusion)

Globality of Languages is a methodology ideated by the Italian pedagogist Stefania Guerra Lisi, oriented to therapeutic, educational, training and/or animation purposes. This approach will be used for the first time at EU level for non-formal training courses targeting operators and professionals in the field of sport


  • Promotion of social inclusion and autonomy of youth with autism
  • Harmonization of methodological approaches at local levels
  • Cross-border composition of the consortium

Contact Information

Project Activities

The project is composed by 4 Workpackages:

WP1: Management The project management will apply knowledge, tools and techniques to all the activities to be carried out during the project life cycle, in order to ensure the achievement of the expected results within the given constraints and resources framework, according with a Project Management and Quality Plan (PMQP).


Partners will start developing contacts and networking with stakeholders (2.1) designing and managing tools for gathering relevant information to better tailor the Model on stakeholders’ needs and make it effectively inclusive. The establishment of a Permanent Cross-sectorial Study Committee for the development of inclusive policies and practices based on Sports for People with ASD (2.2) will be a priority task for the supervision of preparatory research: Analysis on State of Art of Sport &ASD (2.3) and Mapping and analysis at national/international level of Best Practises in the field (2.4).

As a result of research activities, a Handbook (PDF available in web under Outputs) for the replication of innovative inclusive practices focusing on ASD, based on sport activities, EU networking & capacity building in the field of Sport and Disability, will be co-drafted by partners.


In this phase, partners are involved in the preparation of training materials, methods and tools based on the Globality of Languages – GDL approach, targeting coaches, PE teachers, CSOs staff and volunteers dealing with Youth &ASD (3.1). The SPID-AP set of Training Materials produced will be then available as OER in the Platform, as an element for project sustainability and for its further use within the Virtual training courses (120 Hours) (3.2). The piloting experience proposed by the SPID-AP Model will be then completed by Sports programs for 11 young with ASD at European level and Round Tables (1/country) with relevant stakeholders (including Policy Makers), to be meant as occasions for discussion on inclusive policies and practices with relevant stakeholders, presenting the SPID-AP model for further exploitation at institutional/non institutional level.


Partners will be enabled to develop contacts with traditional media at local level and encouraged to privilege the most proper and common social media platforms and other channels for targets and stakeholders to be involved (also contributing in identifying relevant sector reviews at national/international level). In order to increase the impact on audience at different levels, an EU/NATIONAL Awareness Campaign on Social Inclusion through Sports and the importance of sport practices for health will be developed and carried out by the means of SMM strategy throughout the project life cycle. Finally, an International Conference will be organized in Naples, following the Final Meeting, as fundamental dissemination event where partners and relevant stakeholders will discuss project implementation and prospects for an effective exploitation of its results