LEAD Applicant




Cooperativa Umanista Mazra (CUM), founded in May 2003, was founded by people sharing and practicing culture of diversity and integrated multiculturalism. CUM is an Italian cooperative based in Napoli that works in the field of social exclusion and marginalization, with young people with disabilities and young at risk of social exclusion, organizing recreational, educational and sport activities, including the creation and diffusion of audio-visual products, inspired by Arts and the discipline of Globality of Languages (GdL), ideated by the Italian pedagogist Stefania Guerra Lisi. 

The socio-psycho-pedagogical discipline practiced by CUM is the “Globality of Languages” (GdL): through the several communicative and expressive languages (in particular arts) personal and collective experiences are conveyed in an unifying expressive and integrative process, elaborated and transformed into shared communication forms (e.g. meetings in schools of all levels, artistic performances, social, artistic and cultural events, sport events) for therapeutic, educational-training and / or animation purposes. 

CUM team has specific expertise in the processes of socialization and integration in favour of disadvantaged people, such as persons with physical and sensory disabilities (eg: autism, severe mental and / or sensory deficit). CUM’s mission is to spread practices of social inclusion and integrated multiculturalism through participatory and democratic modalities, according with the principles of freedom, equality, diversity, and non-violence.